Project Checklist


At The Art of Print, we analyze each job in order to achieve the highest standard possible
while meeting or exceeding your quality expectations and schedules.
We consistently deliver quality works at competetive prices.

Communication is the key factor to a successful printing project.
We will answer all your questions and offer suggestions and solutions that may improve the look of your job
and may help improve your time schedules.
Since each job is different and each job has its own specific variables, we have put together
our TOP TEN LIST for you to consider.

Top Ten List: 
  • A complete review of your disk preparation prior to film output.
  • Paper choices, weight, texture, coated vs uncoated, matte or gloss finish and FSC stocks.
  • Reviewing paper, inks, bindery and packaging that are best suited to your printed end use.
  • Low resolution scans vs high resolution scans.
  • Analyzing quantity best suited for either sheet fed or web printing.
  • Design and typesetting.
  • Reviewing design factors involving, grey tones, separations, bleeds, overlays, knock-outs, traps and spreads.
  • Colours, standard PMS compared to process colours.
  • Time and schedule constraints.
  • Postal consideration or special packaging or shipping requirements.

Consider The Art of Print as your Personal Print Coordinator and or print Manager.
We are dedicated to offer personalized and professional and innovated products customized to your individual needs.

We can help you develop and produce any type of print for your business communication and corporate
identity; single, multi, or process colour flyers, brochures, manuals, pocket folders, custom
forms, envelopes, letterhead, business cards, posters, menus, banners and much much more.